about hidden exposures

exposing hidden art

the discussion of "what is art?" is often embarked upon by those taking fine art or design classes. to me, that which can be called art often comes down to a personal judgement. we can choose to see art all around us in our everyday life, or we can choose to not see art unless we walk into an institution such as a museum.

i am one that chooses to see art all around me in my everyday life. i know that if i walked out my front door and went around the block, i could photograph many things that most people would pass by without paying any attention to, but with the right level of detail, the right framing, or even just the right lighting, perhaps i can record something i consider to be artistic.

i enjoy doing the same when i travel. the photographs i get the greatest joy out of taking are those that capture minute details of a particular city, and while some look like they could have been taken anywhere, there are others that have a certain flavor to them that locals can recognize them instantly. i find the biggest compliments i hear in regards to my photography are from those people that live in a city that i have photographed and who feel that i have captured the essence of their city. this says a lot given the fact that i am only documenting easily missable bits and pieces often overlooked by most of the city's inhabitants.

in the end, if someone that once thought that art only exists in museums sees some of these photos and as a result begins to see the world around their daily living in a different way, i feel i have succeeded.

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