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BOSCO - Story coming

Original story, Mar 2019: Bosco is a 7-yr old old vizsla (b. 10/2011) looking for a new home due to divorce, move to a small house and less time from his humans. We are told he can be anxious with loud noises and storms, is nervous about car rides but he loves water. He is in a foster home with other vizslas. As a new intake we are still getting to know Bosco and we should have more info soon.

Mar 30 update from foster mom, Shauna: He is adjusting well. He prefers a man as his person but trusts women immediately. He loves his head petted, playing with his tennis ball, and going outside. He has great manners. Knows sit, stay, shake. He will wait for you to tell him to get his food. He does not want to play with a young dog. He is not aggressive he just tells my younger boy to leave him alone. He barks really loud. It is such a deep bark. He is gentle with kids. My 9 year old knows how to treat dogs so there is that. He is a little apprehensive still. His bed is still under the table where he feels safe. He is passive but will bark or growl as a warning if he doesn't like someone. He also barks for attention, but not when someone comes to the door. Great on a leash, doesn’t pull.

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